đź’™ Dedicated Supporter đź’™

Thank you for your consideration in supporting EdgeGamers by donating. Without generous members like you, we wouldn't be where we are today.

There are 3 basic ways to contribute to EdgeGamers;

A subscription-based donation that will automatically send the amount you select monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Subscriptions automatically renew, so you only need to sign up once.

Not only will you be helping us in providing and upgrading a safe and fun gaming environment for you, but you will also be getting a series of fun and exciting perks to use on our servers throughout our supported games! Check out the list below to see what kind of perks you can get after donating.

Game DS Perks

Battlefield Server

  • Custom Join Message
  • Auto-Balance Immunity
  • Server Join Priority

  • Colored Chat
  • DS Tag
  • Colored Nickname
  • Player Time Command
  • Player Weather Command
  • Hat Command
  • Workbench Command
  • Enderchest Command
  • Colored Signs
  • 10 Homes

Source Game Servers
  • Access to !votekick**
  • Access to !voteban**
  • Access to !hats
  • Colored Name
  • Custom Name Tag
  • Custom Join Message
  • Colored Chat Messages*
  • Access to !ghost*
  • Increased Karma cap*
  • Ability to Purchase M249*
  • Private Supporter Chat
  • End of Round Invulnerability
  • Additional Reputation Points


DS Kit
  • Metal Facemask
  • Hoodie
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Metal Chest Plate
  • Road Sign Kilt
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • M92 Pistol
  • Pistol Bullet (45)
  • Medical Syringe (40)
  • Black Raspberries (10)
  • Large Medkit (40)
Increased earning rates through Rust Rewards 3x
Larger Backpack (/backpack for a total of 4 rows)
Faster Teleport time and reduced Cooldowns.
Custom Join Message
Colored Name
[DS] Tag In Front of Name
Allowed 5 different home locations

Website DS Perks
  • Ad-Free Forums
  • Forum Ribbon & Award
  • Larger Forum Message Inbox
  • Custom Forum Title
  • Dedicated Supporter Rank

Server DS Perks


  • Custom Icon Request
  • VIP Badge in Discord

Become a Dedicated Supporter
*Only available on select servers
**Only available to =(e)= or higher

✉ Direct Mail

For those who don't want to subscribe to Dedicated Supporter or use PayPal, our mailing information is below:

EdgeGamers Organization
6955 N Durango Dr. STE 1115-143
Las Vegas, NV 89149

Have any questions or concerns about our donation process? Feel free to drop a thread in our Drop Box listing your concerns. A member of our Leadership team will assist you as quickly as possible.
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    Aug 5, 2020
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