Dust2 Server Rules

Dust2 Server Rules

These rules must be followed on the EdgeGamers Dust2 Server.

  1. No disrespect towards other players.
  2. Harassment of other players is prohibited.
  3. All players must pursue their team objective at all times.
  4. No cheating, scripting or exploiting of any kind.
  5. All Terrorists must be out of their spawn by 1:30.
  6. No mic/chat spamming, trolling, camping, delaying or intentionally interfering with teammates.
  7. If there are less than 5 players per team the objective restricts to A site only. B site should be considered closed until more players join.
  8. Inappropiate sprays and avatars are prohibited.
  9. Admins always have final say.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all of our servers.

The CS Leadership team has answers to your frequently asked questions about the source servers here.

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    Apr 22, 2024
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