Registration Guide

How to Get Registered and Join EdgeGamers

So you've decided to register and join EdgeGamers, huzzah! Now all you need to do is follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Registration
    Click here and create your account.
  2. MAUL verification
    MAUL (Modern Admin Unlimited) is our server synchronization interface that allows us to sync permission and perks on our servers.

    Before you apply to EGO you'll need to head here, click 'Edit Game IDs', then sign in or paste the ID of any games/services you use (this will be helpful for later).

    When verifying your Steam account, if you get an error saying "Error processing response from an external website", go here and make a thread including the error and a link to your Steam profile.

    You can find out more about verification here (if you are presented with a login screen when clicking that link, simply click the MAUL link on the navbar, then try again).
  3. Apply!
    Now that MAUL setup is completed, go here, fill in the information, and submit your application.

If at any point in the joining process you are presented with an issue or are unsure what to do don't hesitate! Hop in our Discord or make a post in this forum for help!

  • Published
    Mar 29, 2021
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