TeamSpeak Setup Guide

TeamSpeak Setup Guide

  1. To start, head to, then download and install the latest version of TeamSpeak. This part's super easy and doesn't require much explanation.
  2. Next up, you'll need to create your myTeamSpeak account so that all your identites and preferences are synced across devices. Head here, make an account, and confirm the email you recieve from TeamSpeak.
  3. Now, open up TeamSpeak (and for this guide we'll be using TeamSpeak 3), open up the settings (Tools > Options or Alt + P), go to the myTeamSpeak tab and login.
  4. Close out the options panel, then open up the Identities panel (Tools > Identities or Ctrl + I) and synchronize your default identity.

    To do this, first click "Go Advanced" at the bottom of the pane, drag the 3 dots from the bottom (or top of the pane) to the middle, then drag your identity from local to synchronized if it isn't already.

    Finally, go ahead and copy the unique ID of that identity to your clipboard so we can use it in the next step.

  5. Now head to MAUL, click "Edit Game IDs", then paste in the ID you copied from earlier into the ID for TeamSpeak field and hit save.

  6. Finally, to verify your ID, connect to our TeamSpeak server using the correct identity and you'll now be verified in MAUL.

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    Mar 29, 2021
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