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I think we should make hoodies that have =(eGO)= ive been tempting to go to a shirt place and make one with a bunch of designs and what not on it and have my name on the back but i dont know im still thinking lol,But i think its a great idea,but then again it could sound a bit to nerdy,i unno what do yall think??
I think its a great idea. There should be letters that say
=(eGO)= on the front and a picture of a support player or whatever your prefence is. I think thats a cool idea. Same could go with t-shirts.
Funny you should say that because i was talking to my girl friend about me ordering a hoodie like that for my self...great minds do think alike.
yeah i think it would be cool to have a shirt that had just =(eGO)= in small writing on the right, (kinda over the heart) and =(eGO)= on the back bigger and with edgegamers.com under it. preferably dark colored shirt.
ya guys that is a great idea lol would they have like Orange juice and ppls names on the back ? ya good idea black and red for colors i think
We should make it like a jersey. Like what outbreak said and on the back we could have our in-game names with eGO like a number along with the website under that near the butt area.

Just a thought.
:) lol you make me laught, I alredy made a shirt. Its a black shirt and on the front upper right it says =(eGO)= and underneath it is says Bunnies Love Panties, I love that shirt.
Ya we need to come up with designs and stuff so all of are's will b the same but the only thing that will be different is are player names.If i ever go and get the money to do one ill take pics of it and post it or if anyone wants to do that and take pics of it and post it too that would b awsome
No you would get your rank number.
then i would be number 1,923
Lol, Nice. You can have 13 hows that sound? Thats my luck sports number, but you can have it. Lol :p
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