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I made one post
its a single pic but more to come... i just been having some trouble with explorer.....

oh artimus... i just catch that error... sad =( but thanks..... and for the other well i use photoshop cs2 and yea i can show how to work it
noxus get limewire,type in adobe photoshop under programs, then download it,then extract all files to a folder in my documents, then go to a computer icon that says setup, then load up your new program.
no don't use limeware ..... it will give you problems trust me..... i actually bought the program witch i don't think you would like to do that sense its $7.000 but i download all the updates and i actually downloaded a copy for my cousin on Aries... just Google it i recommend it just or go here http://aresgalaxy.sourceforge.net/ click on the pic that says get ares now free
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