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well due to my newly found dod bud, Pvt. Ryan. I was wondering if u guys like war movies which r ur favorite. and some i know rnt movies but r great shows. also if u picked other plz put wat ur other would be.
Gotta go with Ryan. Black Hawk Down would be my second choice. Under "Other" I'd say Platoon, good movie. Windtalkers is pretty good as well, and R. Lee Ermey's role in Full Metal Jacket is unbeatable. Band of Brothers is also a pretty good series.
Saving Pvt. Ryan hands down. But Black hawk down is my favorite modern war movie. Saints and Soldiers was good but not my favorite, and wind talkers is my favorite pasific war movie.
Blackhawk down is my fave. Saving Privat Ryan is good, but I only saw it once, and can't see it again. There are too many memories that are too close to home.

Another good one is Behind Enemy Lines....wihich I am watching at the moment.
What do you mean by memories? Well my grandpa was one of many that hit the beach in normandy. He told me that is almost exactly the way it happened. I guess that makes it a little hard to watch for me.
My godfather's father also landed on the beaches of Normandy and got shot nine days in. Survived, didn't die or anything.
Hmm, amazing isnint it. My grandpa got hit with a peice of srapnal in the rist and belive it or not that acutaly saved his life. It cut open a artery but it also slowed the blood flow down. I thought that was cool. But he has a piece of a german grenade in his rist for the rest of his life. Kind of cool.
Saving Private Ryan hands down..that was an awesome movie. I thought it stuck extremely true to the real thing, it helps visualize what those people did for us.
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