hey guys

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Im sorry what i have done. i am just stopping by to say bye. Im sorry i will learn from the past. But hope you guys grow up to be a suscessful clan. I was banned on 11/18 because I am very picky about what people say and it hurts me if they start talking about hitler. So once again im just stopping to say bye and hope you guys grow up and be good parents and be rich =), those who are parents wish you long life of your child and your family.
Hey cya around Vert, I've had the pleasure of playing with you for a couple of games and truly enjoyed it. Farewell, good luck in life and all the best.
Leaving on good terms is exactly what we want to see. You're setting a good example. See ya round.
Aww, I didn't even get to know Vert that well.... =( Bye Vert, we'll miss you
and vert, remember: Treat every day like your last, because you never know what will happen
Hang in there Vert. Life is full of ups and downs. Just roll with the waves and enjoy what you are given every day. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
Not open for further replies.