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I made one post
Just saying hello, took me a lil while to get on, lil busy w/ work and all. But just saying hello to the community, I'm sure i've seen and will see you all on the server soon.
Played a little with you today and had alot of fun. Welcome to the forums and I look forward to getting shot by you more. !dodge
wow, seirous feedback in here. I'm impressed. And jsut so you guys know...I'm a very streaky player, i will go on incredible pwnage runs then getting incredible pwned. I love to camp tunnel w/ a snipe or roof to church w/ my mg as axis and as allies i snipe from apartments and mg axis sexond or rush throug church...just a heads up fellas. C ya :p
yes, thanks for joining forum. Look foward to seeing you in game.
the underscores that you are mocking is my clan...Flatline __, yes, way more clever than many other tags out there...you can be jealous
We had a contest on our CS server a while back to see who could get more Duel elite kills in a week. I won, so I kept the name.
Not open for further replies.