Music Genre's?

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Hey all, I just wanted to know what kind of music you all listen to. What being such a diverse clan and all , im guessing it can be from Church Choir to WW2 Marches :p . I myself listen only to R&B, I find rock to be extremely loud and it gives me headaches :D .
Rock, alternative, NO country, little rap, little classic rock. Soundtracks to games and movies are also pretty high on my list.
punk,deathmetal (sometimes),raves (as u can see ;) ) alternative, some rap, emo, (i know this is a band) all the taking back sunday albums, uhh anything basically except for that country stuff
Well I play a bit of guitar so I generally favor guitar-dominated music. Metal, blues, classical guitar, flamenco or whatever else that can provide a bit of inspiration. :)
i listen to rock, heavy metal, and etc.. eg. Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, and so on and so forth. i also listen to rap and hip hop like NWA or Eazy-E
hmm. i listen to rock, classical, hiphop, rnb, country, oldschool jams, pretty much anything and everything.. except reggaton. or however you spell that.. i cant stand that music. =!
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