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what is up with guys goin spec at the end of losing rounds trying to get away from being killed? thats weak. i believe slaps should go into effect the following round for them...lol
Kamakize Tommy made it very clear that you should not go into spectators at the end of a match to avoid being killed. You will be slayed or kicked if you persist in doing so.
i say just slay them after the new round starts. it would stop them from switching cuz they still get that extra death added to their kd
Don't think there should be anything wrong with a suicide(any means that gives you a death), although that's my opinion.
I use suicide when I run out of mg and pistol ammo and can't find any (ppl seldom drop ammo). I still get a death, but it doesn't give anyone else a kill.
There are times after a round when a guy may go into spec to take care of things, i.e. bathroom break, grab a beverage, etc. I do it occasionally but only after the "killing spree" of the victors, to avoid ppl thinking I'm afk.
I'll keep an eye out. I hate a noobish player like that. When i see it should i warn them or just slay them right away? I'll do what i can.
This is the first I've heard of it and I admit I have done it a few times.. I guess I'm weaksauce too. Oh well I guess I'll be jumping out of windows from now on :p Or get shot
I believe it was clan members that Tommy saw doing this. Names will not be disclosed to the public, so just don't let us hear about it happening again, or there will be consequences. Simple. (This is to anyone reading this, not directly at you, Jello).
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