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hey im just bored and i thought that it would be entertaining to share trademarks and all thet what not. for instance like mine..... which bananna has been stealing from me which i have told him to not over and over and over again.... :D is slaying myself before i die. lol its a tradition, from my old clan to this one. yeah basically im just bored. and telling on bananna haha !alien << alien
Yea well everyone is diffrent... Ya gotta do something right? Oh well hopefully that wont be your trade mark for long...
pfft, my trade mark is... "Confusious say : You will see Springfield bullet launched at ur head when u finish reading this." "Boom."
Pretty sure a guy named Doug already has that one, matrix.

awww.... i know....i just wanted to be cool..... :D haha. "DUDE WHAT RE YOU DOING WITH THAT KNIFE!!" " Don't be stupid man, everyone knows you run faster with a knife" lol
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