proposal for th e clan.

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Hello every one. i have a question is there any chance. and im just wondering. Will the clan or server ever change level.? Like doner or something??
meh, we change it around some times, i would like for it to be a orange and ava server, but thats just me
When the server is full and someone proposes the idea in-game, one of the eGO will make a vote. Sometimes it's successful, sometimes it isn't.
One thing to remember to here, you better not get tired of avalanche. A while back we had to let go of an admin due to conflicts because they were tired of the server. Wanting to play another map and being tired are two different things though. In terms of number, 24/7 ava maps can hold them. Also the 'majority' of people joining 24/7 servers want to play that map. While we do change maps(due to vote), don't expect it to be on a constant basis.
I started a vote today and it was successful with a full server. We played a few matches on Donner then switched it back. It will be like that most of the time.
Going in, everyone knows this is a 24/7 avalanche server, maps may change once in a while, but the owners of the server prefer avalanche - as do many since that's why we hang around. I personally love this map.

If anyone is tired of ava, the best thing to do is occasionally go to another server playing different maps. I do that once in a while too, there are TONS of other servers out there playing all sorts of maps, some even custom, and they can be pretty good. There's one called DFNW They Will Come (or something like that), that has a snowscape that is very decent.. Small server but not bad at all.

I understand why ppl would like to play on the eGO server; the maturity level, good crowd, decent admins....and believe me, those qualities are few and far between.

So if avalanche is getting boring, take a vacation and surf to other servers and come back when you are ready. I can promise you there will always be a bullet with your name on it or a cheery gent swinging a shovel when you return to eGO !amazed
I used to hate avalanche until I joined this clan, now I love avalanche and learn new things about it every day ^^ Though dod_orange_indoor_arena would be my map to win at xD
Ava is my fav by far i like anzio but as for donnor i dont think so i dont like all the walking blahh and orange is fun if your winning, if your pressed in your spawn as soon as you spawn BLAMMOO what happen dead. So ava is the way to go.
i love avalanche it is def. the best one but other then that the next best is orange indoor arena like blazing said :) sometimes i do request map change b/c i just want something new but dont like playing on other servers i like playing with people i play with often thats why i ask for a map change otherwise i would just go somewhere else
I dont think we should make changing maps a eveyday thing. I think it should me a vote insted of a automatic change.
Speaking of orange, Kendle, for some reason, it doesn't show up in the "vote for map" section. Probably has to do with that Valve update.
The best days to change the map is Monday and Tuesday because they are our slowest days. The worst days to change is thursday through Sunday as they are the times our server is the fullest.
I hear you on the "i could walk through it blind" Shino. Avalanche is great but a change every once and a while is good. I think that if they release a Caen map, we could be 24/7 caen/ava server...
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