Urban Shoplifting

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The encoding is kinda bad, but still funny.

[link=hyperlink url]http://www.kendlesworld.com/main/modules.php?name=Video_Stream&page=watch&id=11[/link]
hah nice, ive actually kinda done that before, taken tag off and thrown it pass the doors, its hilarious to see em run and look around goin dow the halls and such looking for sumone lol
Yea but you try doing that today with the high terrisist thret...(higher than 2000) you'd probably get tazered because they would think you would give it to a terroirst as a disquise.
We use to go into Kmart and go to the belt section. We would then take the little sticky alarm trip thing off of them and then throw them into random carts. good fun...
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