DOD Dilemma

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So here is my dilemma. My computer has been constantly crashing while playing dod:s, and it keeps corrupting windows files. Im sick of using windows recovery / reformatting. It only does this when i play dod:s, so I know it has to do with it. If I set my comp up in raid1, will I be able to save the corrupted files from the mirrored HDD to the corrupted hdd?
have you tried just simply re-installing the game? or did this start happening when u put ur hdd in?
I have reformatted my computer several times. Everytime windows gets a major error, I am playing dod:s. Last time it was a corrupted hive, time before that it was a corruipted NTFS.sys file
The first two months or so of owning this game gave me nothing but crashes and critical windows errors. I finally found a fix to this. What type of video card do you have? If you have ATI, try upgrading your video driver to catalyst 6.11. I haven't crashed in a while. It can be found at . Might help, might not.If so, get it, and I can help you out from there. If not, well, I tried lol. Kendle will probably fix you up soon.
Might be beating a dead horse, but make sure sound, mobo and bios are all up to date as well. Although I think it's odd that a game is corrupting your files. Have you checked your hdd for errors? Maybe one of them is going bad.
The hdd is fine. Its brand new, and it did this on my old one too. All of my drivers are up to date. The game itself is not corrupting the files. It is that dod:s keeps crashing my computer, and if a windows file was running could cause it to get corrupted.
In a couple of years I'll probably buy my own gaming rig...but for now my father takes care of all the tech crap. Kendle too lol, for all the gaming problems.
I had the same prob as Noxus, initially but upgraded to the latest Catalyst release.....but I also bought extra memory to max it out. After that it ran (and is running) fine.

...could it be you need more main memory? It all depends what active apps you have onboard. DoD/HL is a real pig on resources -it'll try to grab whatever is there.

Since you've already changed the HD and vid card has newest drivers, memory is all thats left - aside from if you have too many apps running - i.e. BitTorrent, MSN, AIM, Itunes, Hotsync, etc.
wat kind of computer u gonna get? im probably gonna get some 500-600 dollar rig, which is sli capable, and has a 775 processor socket. Just hope the case would be able to fit the 2 ginormous 8800s. If you want something like that, I think you can find the PCs at the Nvidia site.
I do a full reformat, not the quick one. Ive had to reformat about 3 times because dod would cause the computer to crash, and then there would be a corrupt windows file. This would only happen while i played dod. What is the advantage of using a FAT system instead of a NTFS?
NTFS is a far superior file system to FAT (or FAT32), I would stick with NTFS. First, it supports larger disk sizes and it's overall performance is better on large volumes compared to FAT16 and FAT32. If you're using small volumes, FAT16 and FAT32 perform better.

I would have to guess that this is either a hard disk or memory issue, or possibly a combination of the two. It sounds like sometime during the read/write process between disk and memory some type of corruption is occuring. I would check and make sure your bios and all drivers (especially chipset) are up-to-date. As others have mentioned, also make sure your ATI drivers are up-to-date. If possible, see if you can borrow some memory from a buddy to try out and see if the problem goes away - the best way to troubleshoot odd problems like this is to rule out components one-by-one.

Good luck buddy.
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