[poll] Anyone Selling?

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Is there anyone that you know that may be selling a powersupply? Or any thing that deals with a computer that i can use?

my power supple is a 350w and the graphics card i got is a min 400w, so yeah, im want to get about a 500-550.

jw if anyone is seling stuff

and heres a quick poll
Absolutely love my new c2d. It's the E6400, stock 2.13 oced to 3.1. Was installing a game and playing dod:s with no negative affects. Everything said about them in the reviews from places like Tom's Hardware and the like are true.

If you buy a new one, I just got a zalman noiseless 460w psu, you can get one with more watts though. Deathly quiet, I can't hear it at all over the case fan. If the case fan isn't running I can barely hear it close up. Which is why I'm getting a nexus case fan in a bit, really quiet 120mm case fans.
E6400 rocks. In light of outbreak bringing this thread up again. Was playing dod earlier and alt tabbed because my keyboard and its settings are messed up, apparently I also had eve online running at the same time. Couldn't tell any difference when I was in DoD. Hat's off to two gigs of corsair ram and the oc'ed 6400.
i will trade a mother board (intel) that fits a p4 for some networking stuff?? any one =) hit me back eG gah
Intel Pentium 4HT 3GHz
1 MB L2-Cache, 800 MHz FSB

Graphics Card
GeForce 7800 GS OC
AGP 8x/4x

Gigabyte P4 Titan Series 865PE
FSB 800/Dual Channel DDR
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