[DoD:S FAQ's] Official "Favorite Map" Poll

What's Your Favorite DoD:S Map?

  • Argentan

    Points: 16 3.4%
  • Avalanche

    Points: 97 20.4%
  • Anzio

    Points: 47 9.9%
  • Colmar

    Points: 9 1.9%
  • Donner

    Points: 80 16.8%
  • Flash

    Points: 79 16.6%
  • Jagd

    Points: 5 1.1%
  • Kalt

    Points: 63 13.2%
  • Strand/Charlie

    Points: 62 13.0%
  • Other Map (list below)

    Points: 18 3.8%

  • Total voters
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Old school Flash was always one of my favorites, and I love Avalanche... if I end up Axis.

For Source, though, I've got to go with Anzio


I enjoy Anzio becuase of its ability to flank which is how I play mostly. I do not perfer maps like Flash where there are choke points that cannot be flanked or maps that do not have much cover because I am not great at sharpshooting.


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Yeah, Still gotta take on Avalanche. Its where I got my start with eGO. That and I love the incredible 1 on 1 battles I have vs kenyon :p lol.
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