The Coolest PC Mods

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It's safe to say that most if not all here are nerds, sooooo, take a look at these mods, there's even a coffin and lego version for the terminally bent.

[link=] [/link]

What would be cool is a military theme.... a PC built into a Howitzer artillery ammo case. Hmmmmm, that might be doable ......
Yea i would realy like that combat mod. That is sweet. I think the one that looks like R2D2 is cool but origanal... That is the first hing anyone would think of.
Those are great. I wish I had the talent, tools and time to do something like that.

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Hey, the miini fridge idea is cool. You can also keep a few cans of cold Coke right close by when you play.
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