Attention all =(e)= guys

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Guys please do not pester admins on when you will be able to join. Things like this discourage us on weither or not you get promoted. The purpose of the =(e)= tag is to show us what kind of player you are and how well you handle being mature while in the server. It is also a way for us to get to know you too. To my knowlege it has nothing to do as far as skill ( I maybe wrong but I hope eGO guys will enlighten me on this) Anywho guys just play on the server and have a good time playing. If the counsel sees fit to promote you then it's all good.. if not just keep playing and you might be promoted.
That is all. Keep up the good workings and I'll be waiting to pwn you all in the server :p
True. Now last night i asked buit yea sorry yall. any how. Pwn me hehehe what are you drinking.

I could be :p
I cant say anymore to what jello said... He hit the nail right on the nose... Just like he said just play, have fun, get along, and you will be promoted.
i support jello as always. but i must object to one thing... he wont pwn you as bad as i will if you ask... lol well maybe even if you dont
Good Job Jello you said it right. I do not care so much about skills. What I look for is how mature do they act in the server and are they a team player? I also look to see if they help in the game or are they being disruptive? (clue: I will always vote againist disruptive players)
Well said. Score and game skill have nothing to do with being inducted into the clan. It's nice, but not a requirement. Maturity, responsibility, and a good attitude will get you in in no time. Spamming, acting disrespectful, and asking to be an admin will only put black marks on your permanent record. One time really isnt much, but if it's done on a regular basis you probably won't have a good chance of getting in.

Just play the game, be respectful, and have fun. It will happen when you least expect it.
Not open for further replies.

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