name change

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Ok guys i got tired of my name zero-125 bc there are to many ppl with there named zero plus we alrdy have a member with the name zero,So i just decided to change my name to Shino.
For now on till this day i will b known as =(eG)=Shino!!!i have not yet seen another person with this name so i will b useing it i like to have a unique name that other ppl dont have,So ya if u see me in game it will be =(eG)=Shino instead of =(eG)=Zero-125. 8)
OK, your name has been changed. Remember to use that name to login to the site now.
i still like the name zero better than shino... idk why but zero just sounds cooler than shino (it also represents his score :D)
Lol we had a whole conversation last night on the name change, things got pretty interesting. It kept me entertained at least. But I do think that shino is a better name, I haven't seen it anywhere else and original names are awsome. =P
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