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So i dont know about anyone else but i like to keep them separate. Dont get me wrong, you guys are my friends, but you arnt my "friends". Anyway if you have a myspace and expect me to join it you are out of luck. Does anyone else feel the same????
Isn't that kind of flawed logic? Your friends who you hang out with in real life don't need a space to talk with you, since they do that in real life. You can share pictures and what not the same way. If they really are your friends, they should be in personal communication(phone, face to face). The way I see myspace is for associations more over than your own little friend ring. The people who are associated with you will find it more useful than a laugh or two your friends could possibly get from it. By associations I mean someone somehow connected with you.

Of course you seem to be talking about two different things here. It seems less like I'm not adding the people I don't know to myspace and more like I don't want to really be friends with people that aren't living next door. Yes I know you said you're our friend, but when you say you're not our friend it negates the first one. It feels as if I'm a 2nd class friend if I might be so contemptuous as to take even that title. I understand how you might feel, you've got your own friends and what not. I do know, that life exists out of high school and college though. It's a person's own loss if they wish not to become friends with people outside their 10 mile communities. There are some wonderful people out there, and to leave what could affect your life up to chance of where your parents chose to live is in my opinion less than optimal. I thank you for your honesty. However the post has irked me in a small way. The persons(small number) who have a problem with giving out myspace friendships just don't have to do it, or tell their myspace from the beginning. Instead I have to see a thread now saying I want the benefits of the community, but I don't want to really have any association with that community. This is called being a leecher with bt.

Sorry if the last part sounded a bit harsh, it's hard to tell from the way I write what I mean. Just my ponderings at 4:45 after waking up with no ill intentions. Anywho, I myself haven't given out my myspace. You might say that after some of that it seems hypocritical of me. To me myspace in general has a bad tendency to just be click and add everyone you know. This I don't care for. However, if someone who is currently associated with me I'll add them. So why not tell everyone here on the site since I'm associated with them? If they want to take a little time and find one easily accessible piece of information and do a myspace search, then I'll add them. I know it's a little better than the add everything syndrome. They could also call me and ask for it, this way I at least can say I've had the pleasure of talking with them. It'd be cheaper the other way for everyone but Shino though.

Now that most of you have probably stopped reading, I'll go ahead and end this as I need a drink. :D
I just want evry1 to know, i made the myspace account. And it is Unoffical web site. I voted to keep it seperated. I made the account for people to share there ideas of pictures and other ideas with the clan. I also made it to advertise the T-shirts that i am making for the clan. I have some movies on it for =(eGO)= and pictures for =(eGO)= you can add the myspace account to your friends list if you want. like i said, it is unoffical. to tell you the truth, i made the account cause i love this clan alot. I like all the ppl that are playing, and i have made good friends in the clan aswell. Oneshot, outbreak, shadow, johnt, artimus, I call him Mr.Bolo, hugo, elite enforcer, coupons, noyade, noxus, britkitty, just to name a few. and the other players. too many players, and i hate typing. but you guys get the idea.so. like i said again, it is unoffical and it should be kept seprate. ty signed: The Great Bunnies
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