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ITS MY B DAY YESSS!!!! finaly ive been waiiting for this for 18yrs yesch i have no doubt about it!!!!and for my b day request i want some free head shots!!!!lol
I asked you that the other day foolio when it was.. Only cause I saw it on your myspace :p Anyways I hope ya have an awesome B-day brother :D
Be safe when your partying... Be sure no to drink too much... Have a designated driver if you do.
happy birthday!

Things to do:
Buy Lottery
Buy Tobacco
Buy a Newspaper (everything that happened on your birthday)

and ENJOY YOUR DAY! happy birthday and congrats!
happy birthday bro. hope you enjoy it. not to put you down at all but when you turn 18, not the greatest stuff happens. your a legal adult now. take care of yourself
lol thnx,true true but atleast i can hang out with all my adult friends that i have like go to the bars and what not.thnx again bunches guys
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