Taxing Online Games?

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Haven't bought that epic mount yet? Might want to hurry before it becomes taxable. There are tons of problems with it, but the fact that it is being considered by some blows me away. I'd assume the game companies could no longer put that everything is theirs in the EULA, that is if certain actions of characters were to be taxed. Which would then allow for character and item trading on ebay and the like again on games that prohibit it now.
Just the government trying to get our money again. Bastards. This would be the last straw for me because they already screwed up my internet poker with the "Safe Port Act"
Meh, they're all RPGs. When they start taxing FPS's, that's when the riots will start. Plus, aren't RPG's already needing to be payed for by month?
We pay for the upkeep of servers, often times new content and patches. That goes to the company making the game. The government would be taxing what virtual money is made inside of the game, not even made but gained so to say.
Lame. Politics suck. Sure the gaming industry has absolutely skyrocketed, and in either 2004 or 2005 made more money than the entire Japanese vehicle industry, but unnecessary taxation without representation is blasphamy. That's right, Boston Tea Party. Come on, I live an hour from Boston.
Well i aint paying... i will simply not play and sent a complait that that is rediculios because we already payed for the game and some for the server every mounth...
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