[poll] Christmas Contest!! WOOHOO!

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I dunno, best ego spoof of the night before christmas? Plenty of things you could spoof, other than that I dunno.
i still whant to have a countest.... maby a short DoD Comp 1st one with 60 kills or 60 points/Caps i have no idea ><

hrrm that reminds me about CoD2 comp last year..... i won 2nd place out of 100 people in a Computer camp last summer.... and i was off from wining by 3 kills, it was 1st one to 99 kills.

---Top 3---
Timesurfer - 99
Anari - 96
Reden - 74
aww snag, don't feel down, i'll be in your contest. whatever it is i'm in, now you can be happy... well at least feel a little better...now, what do you have in mind for a contest?
good idea i guess, are you planning on buying it for someone???

I kinda dont understand that question.....
But I wanna have a contest at 23rd, Saturday.
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