Hello bad news

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Hello every one got some bad news. I blew up my power unit in my comp. I should have it fixed by atleast tomarrow night. Well see you all around and pray my comp isnt broken further then this . bye
Strange... Its scary how people always talk about how thier busted computers, never figured out how they type the message...

Hope you get it fixed soon.
Quite a few households now have more than one computer. Beyond that, a lot of people have more than one computer. I would actually have 3 had I not had a bad bios flash for my laptop. Need to get the taken care of but the joy of not getting responses from the maker from emails is overwhelming. As well as many people can use computers at work and school :p

("||") Does that ring a bell, to all you old members like Noxus, and Joht?

I will hunt you down and KILL YOUR FAMILY if that is brought up again. Btw welcome back :D
hope you fixed it ktten. otherwise i cant farther extend my lead on you ;). just playin you'll prolly kill me a few times to get it even again. anyways, hope you get it fixed
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