Hello, Krakken is back

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Commissar Frank

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I got my computer back a couple days ago, meaning I am back to the forum and xfire!

I also left CDR, but they wouldn't stop pestering me so I changed my xfire name. I am now back to the name good ol' Frank Furter (not on the forums, just xfire) with a new xfire (phantom1312)

I've made an effort to add all y'all good eGO folks to my new xfire, but please add my new one to yours if I missed you. Thanks
Great to have you back finally, been a while. And no he was never banned to my knowledge. He has never joined this clan (although now since you aren't in CDR.....).
Well welcome!! slap an =(e)= tag on... (dont think the =(e)= tag will last long though :p)
Nah dude he's been here for a while. Before you OneShot. He was in a CS:S clan for the whoel time though. Now that he's not he's more than welcome to join here though. As long as I kill him in the server once again. (This post is directed @ OneShot since you posted while i was typing this, Red.)
Wow, you folks really do never miss a chance at greeting someone. And as for being banned, I dont remember being banned. Maybe I just got brainwashed though.
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