[poll] gmod w/ DOD:S

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I just thought if this clan would have a gmod server on dod_avalanch too, and people would join and pose guys in funny ways.... just a fun thought.


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M4... so cool, its modern i like it.


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After Christmas I'm gonna try to get a black AK airsoft rifle, so I'll go with that. Just plain cool looking, and more powerful.


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Hey, you can get a Romanian AK for only couple hundread dollars. P.S. K98 (Mauser) for only around $150. Or you can always go Russian, and buy a Mosin-Nagnant rifle for only around $60. Good ol' American M1 Garand cost around $1,000 LOL

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Wow thats a lot for an M1. Especially since the German and Soviet rifles (but msotly German) were more accurate, though much inferior rate of fire. I suppose an MP40 costs like 100 bucks while a Tommy costs 2000?
ak was rated the top gun on the military channel. very good weapon. but i cant say no to an m4
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