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Commissar Frank

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So disreguarding the title of the thread, what do you want for Christmas?

For me, a new computer that I can have DoD without a messed up resoloution so I can actually play it!

Or on a more reasonable note, possibly some Warhammer 40k stuff, and maybe DoD 1.6. I hear thats pretty good.
I would have to say I would want a new graphics card, a nvidia 5950 is my current card.
As for DoD 1.6 if you like more guns, it is better and you can deploy the BAR, the germans have 2 mgs, WAY more levels, maybe over 25 and lot more classes
Lol same here noxus... But i know that probaly wont be comming my way for a little while... Im thinking an intense new graphics card... The card i got like in october my dad stole... He said well my computer realy needs it to run correctly... Sure.... dad.... Anyway... yea a good old graphics card, new mouse, mabe a gaming keyboard...:p, money..., games, a mini fridge!!! yea it'll sit right next to my computer ofcourse...
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