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Hey every one im saying this to you all. I cannot get i mic for a few reasons. One i have a high end sound card custom built without input jack. 2 parents wont let me. sorry but i have yahoo aim and xfire i believe that is enough
I have two sets of headphones with mics, but they dont work becuase my sound card sucks eG gah
i have a mic, but i dont/cant use it alot anyways. my mom hates the fact that i "wasted" $20 on something pointless of a computer game. so i have a restriction on it, i can only use it when shes not around. she gets annoyed when im talking and its not directed to anyone in my house. she has a problem with it. thats why i dont talk much. also she is ALWAYS home ever since i got in alittle trouble. (i cant be trusted home alone for long periods of time anymore(long story))
My parnets just say "ok time to relax on the mic" and i go ok. Sometimes my dad will ez-drop when im talking to bunnies... He'll sit right next to me on his computer and laugh when he hears me say something funny or the way he responds... Just tell your mom shadow that if i dont say hey mom im not talking to you...
oneshot, you dont know my mom. she is sooooooo strict. if i dont follow her rules: my car, my comp, my tv, basically anything i have gets taken away. if i dont maintain my 4.5 gpa i cant go many places. my grades slip on bit i have to come home directly after school and i cant do anything till my homework is done and she checks it. so i cant just say stuff like that to her otherwise i would never see any of you guys/gals ever again.
:eek: man your mom is strict, I had to maintain a 2.0... And i maintained a 1.8 or something like that HAHA! and Graduated lol! WooT!at one point i have less the 1.0 gpa LOL!
How can you pass with less than 2 GPA? What kind of job are you going to get? Even the army requires you to have 2.75 GPA and graduate......I am gonna join the Airforce to pay for ma college, cause airforce GUARENTEES sleep. What about yall? =)
I have a mic, its nice - not good for DoD:S though. The voice quality in game is just to horrid. It makes you sound inhuman or like you are completely wasted. Only good time to use a mic is on a VoIP program.
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