Christmas Gift to EGO!!

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Hi, I have a unopened copy of "Company of Heroes CD ROM Version" Game, worth $50 Dollars. For my little appreciation to the EGO Clan,and for upcoming Christmas, I want to host a contest, where the winner will recieve the game for FREE. But I dont know how I am going to host a contest. Can higher admins help and people give me suggestions? Remeber, EGO MEMBERS ONLY! =)
Have an all-riflemen match on avalanche. The highest scoring riflemen on the WINNING team wins a copy, the other wniners get a pat on the back (virually), and the losers go home with the greatest gift of all: LIFE!
^^^ corny lol, ithink it should be 1v1 on rifles then assults or vise versa giving a fair adventage to the people that use one more often than the other. It should be a round robin, random draw for who ever enters in, and so on. winner, loser
Are you wanting a contest in game like the above suggestion, or are you wanting an out of game contest. Like the best computer art, hand drawing, christmas song/poem spoof and the like relating to eGO and the holiday season?
RIddle? LOL Comon, I want something that EVERYONE can have a chance on. Some might suck at drawing or making a poem while some might be good at it. I want something that everyone can have a equal chance in.
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