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We are going to run a 3 map rotation this weekend jagd/colmar/ava and see how it goes. We may keep it like this or go to a Ava default and then a vote for the other two or just go back to 24/7.

Let us know what to do. ?!
I think it would be a good idea to have it 24/7 Avalanche on the weekdays then maybe on weekends throw a map vote in there :D Personally I like 24/7 Ava the most but other people might appreciate it if we switch every once in a while :O
I changed the server to Donner as the vote for it won and we had a pretty good time on it. Changed it back soon after. This was yesterday, btw.
yeah donner was a good switch up, i like karkken's idea the most popular ones should be the ones that the map is switched to or just a vote. Thats my two cents.
I like this server because it is Avalanche 24/7. Avalanche is the BEST map on DoD for the reason that it is a small map with incredible action. If a player can survive for any length of time in Avalanche with a decent ratio, the guy has to be good.

With Avalanche, you don't have to run for miles to engage the enemy. In many cases, all it takes is less than ten steps to be rocketed, naded, shot, shoveled or knifed. The nooks, crannies, shadows, overhangs are the most devilishly good spots I have ever seen to shoot or be shot from.

Sure have a rotation if you want, but have it as the exception rather than the rule. Keep it Ava most of the time or we will start to lose people.

I tend to bounce between servers such as eGo, Right to Rebel, Right to Rule, and a couple of others. If I can't find my weapon in one server, I check the others.

By choice eGo is more fun that the others.
guys stop digging up old threads. look at the date john posted this. its JULY. most of us werent even here when he posted this. please stop digging up old messages.
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