So long.

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Didn't see this coming. Goodbye. Guess voicing my opinion was the wrong thing to do. Need to deal with other things before I return, and I will return. Not giving up with this clan. Too much good has come out of it for me to leave for good.

NOTE: This is not a resignation letter. I'm not leaving the clan for good unless I am told I have to. Just need to take a break unlike any break before. I got caught in the heat of the moment and it brought me down. I'll still be on xfire and probably the server since it remains one of the best I've ever played on.

My apologies to anyone here I may have offended in any way in the past four months. My apologies to the friends I have made - you guys are great and are still considered my friends. My apologies to the clan itself for I have made a grave mistake.
Noxus give me time to get moved into this house and when you are ready give me a shout in xfire and we can talk. I will help if you want me to.
I'm still on xfire and you'll probably see me in the server, just a little less until I get my head straight.
Yes, just DoD, which apparently I loved a little too much. Believe me, I didn't intend for any of this to happen in the first place. Just need some time to calm down a bit.
I understand man, it doesnt matter what it is, if you invest your emotion into something things can get a little out of hand. Just remember, emotion is something better left alone, let your reason be your guide.

You are young, your spirit and anger are the prevailing forces, it will take time for the reason to develop. Ahh philosophy, what a fun major.

I hope to see you soon, if you live anywhere near me, ill buy you a drink (just dont tell your parents that you are drinking) =P
We have a great clanmember staying, but unfortunately, we also have a very good clan member also leaving. We will never forget you kitten
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