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Did you go to Options, and Upload Spray? And could you see your spray in the mini box?


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Its a little buggy but for the most part, sprays will not be allowed. The defaults should work, but custom ones uploaded prior to when we turned them off will work.


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The're not alowed!!! oops... my bad... I have my spray up all the time...
Umm then why can i see some custom ones. and can we turn them on please please.. i got a cute one that rocks(ill post it hear first if you wish

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because those that were uploaded before it was turned off you can see. New ones cannot be uploaded so you can't see them.


Every time I've tried it's let me spray. Best thing about cs was getting to see the totally awesome scat shots. Zomg, that stuff is hot :p Although it also stops you from seeing some pretty neat sprays from time to time.
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