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I made one post
I was wondering if i can join your clan. I play Dod every day and i think i would be a good fit.

I was also wondering if you were a competitive clan cause that would be awesome too.
We are not competitive atm. Some of the fellas are exploring that idea. Right now we are all about fun and building a community.

So if you want to wear the tag, stick around a bit :)
Thanks for signing up here. I look forward to gaming with you when I get off the road.
I played a lot of rounds with him tonight. daddy.you got alot of skill! Look foward to playing again.
Yeah Brits right, daddy owns with the kar98. He pwns people with thompsons closerange (Me) Yeah buy daddy just stick around in the server, be cool, get to know us, and follow the rules and before you know it you will be wearing the tag, look forward to playing with you some more.
Not open for further replies.