Improve your choke

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Type these commands into your console:

rate 20000
cl_updaterate 30
cl_cmdrate 100

My choke was all over the place - From 0 to 50. Deacon did some magic to the server and recommended those commands. Now I pretty much stay under 5 choke.


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yeah nice cl_cmdrate 1 works great for your lag!


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There is a specific forum; tech help. Art would have put it in there if he wanted too, maybe he just forgot about it or something. And yeah slayr helped me in the server yesterday. My choke stays low but my fps stay between 20-25 and ping hovers in the 70's...done this for about a month now.
wot is choke? wot does i do and how does it help my game play?


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Choke is like lag but it makes admining a lot easier... thats what my bro told me...


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Choke doesn't make anything easier...except dieing. It even slows down the admin controls.
thanks all
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