>>> Matrix Peed Himself <<<


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ok so i about peed myslef haha, well it all started like this. (this is an xfire conversation)

=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: Congrats matrix!!!!!! youve been Promoted!!!!!!
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: jk lol

=(eG)=†DyeMatrix†: ur gay

so i whine and complain to john for the tease

=(eG)=†DyeMatrix†: john did i get promoted?
=(eGO)=JohnT: umm no not that i know of.
=(eG)=†DyeMatrix†: he told me i was! what a f**
=(eGO)=JohnT: tell him to ask my dad about his marathon

=(eGO)=JohnT: so whats new?
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: nothin... hows you dad? (matrix asked me to ask you about him for some reason)
=(eGO)=JohnT: fine
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: did he run a marithan or somethig
=(eGO)=JohnT: just talked to him today
=(eGO)=JohnT: ummmm....my dad lost both his legs in vietnam

=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: lol... matrix is a litte weird...
=(eGO)=JohnT: why would you ask me that?
=(eGO)=JohnT: did you know that?
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: nope now i do
=(eGO)=JohnT: what kind of sick o are you?
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: :(

=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: john!!!
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: his dad lost his legs in vietnam...
=(eG)=†DyeMatrix†: haha dude that was just a prank cuz u got me all excited so i told john
=(eG)=†DyeMatrix†: hahahahahaha
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: ...
=(eG)=†DyeMatrix†: lmoa
=(eG)=OneShotOneKill: asshole
=(eG)=†DyeMatrix†: hahahah

lol i swear i about peed haha

yeah well there's your spam of the day, eat up :D


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I am still laughing about it :)


ROFL Good work Dye hahahha
lol good team work peaple :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:


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John is an evil pranking fiend as a side job. Threatening to ban me from forums...pfft!
ooooooohhhhhhhhh i rember that lol noxas wiv ure 1268 post are u still ahead of john ?


EGO Is My Life!
Lets get Noxus next!
im in lol


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That was great... My dad was laughing so hard when you randomly posted your gay... I'll do another one soon enough...:p

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