Kitten no more.

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Im sck of this guys. for something the clan messed up with long ago, i am at blame and cant be trusted. An unjust way to treat some one. its gone to extreams which not one other clan would do"PHone calls. meeting WTF ./ yes i know it is for securety cuz of the faulty past but that is to much to ask of some one. how do i not know your not all nasty people . i dont. Thank you for messing up the funn in this game. (im not talkingto allt he clan just the selfish asshats that suck on the past and such. I must thank One shot, shadow jello, dye, and few others for making my time fun. but i guesse this is goodbye. you might see me on a few but dont expect it to be good wishes. unless you where my friend. and trust me youll know who you are(no i wont disrespect i just wont talk.
Man, seriously guys, who cares if she is a girl or guy? My opinion, shes pretty cool, and we should just "accept" her instead of arguging if shes a guy or not. Really disapointed. Now whos gonna replace kitten's 1337 eleet MG and Sniper skillz?
Whats the big deal about getting in the clan anyway? Its just a game. Play on the server and have fun. So what if you can kick someone or not?
Nobod in eGO badgered you abou t being a woman did they? Sometimes you need to just shirk it off. I've had a lot of crap done to me for both gender related and spite related stuff, yet I remain.

Yet if your decision stands firm you will be sorely missed.
you know just that request bares on an illigal ness ogf it s own. all though not you could(i know your not ) but they could be preditors
i ahd to ught for my online rights. and you think my parents would allow me to do that your nuts sir
sorry 2 here that but i have just read you convesation with 1 of our leader in i totaly agree with him. it is a shame but this world has to many weirdos/pervert and genral assholes to allow u to be subjected to them. artimus is thinnking of the clan as a whole and the good of our younger players i hope u can respect this. the bussness we had with britt kit has deffo screwed it up for you but it not worth mulling over u should defo still come on the server and spam our forams as who know wot will happen in the future .;)
If anyone here is talking about Britkit here, it should be me or Dev. We both had some run-ins with her back before I left ><CDR>< (when my name was Krakken). I doubt most people even know about that so it seems relatively irrelavant.
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