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People keep asking me why I changed my name and what the old one was, so here is the PUBLIC answer

I got tired of the idleness of CDR's leader. I told him what I thought of him, and left the clan. None of the members would stop badgering me to return, or tossing insults my way. So rather than delete or block all of them I got a new xfire. My name was then changed from Krakken to frankfurter, as CDR made me change it when I got in. Now that I'm out, I go back to my name of choice.

Hope that clears it all up for anyone in question.
So yes, I have been with eGO longer than the vast majority of you people, I've just been lying dormant in a stasis tomb.

But yes, I chose a great food name. Better than Bacon Bits (I like alliterations, dont care if anyone actually uses that name.)
Frank Furter isn't bad if you don't mind being named after everything known to mankind except the actual muscles from the animal. Also, just because you signed up before others doesn't mean you've been here longer then other people. You actually have to be around to acquire ownership of that title. Active is good, constructive members are better. Aim for both.
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