Adios amigos

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Due to the amount of drama that's been going on now for the past few days. I have decided to part ways. I came here looking for a place of peace to escape normal life were I can play and have a hella good time without worry of senseless drama. I know there is going to be alittle going on and all that but lately it's gotten way out of hand.. more than I can handle atm. I'm not putting blame on anyone.. This is strictly a personal issue. You all are my buds but right now I just can't deal with it.. Sorry fellas


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See you around.
cya good playin wiv ya

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What banana said ^^^^

Kamakize Tommy

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sigh see you around.


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Bunnies isnt going to like this... Well laterz...


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OK, drama is over. Come back.


We all say stuff we can regret the next couple of days. If I'm capable of such, even you are. Don't be afraid to come back :p
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