Hmmm Turkey or chicken You decide


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Welllllll if everything tastes like chicken and chicken tastes like turkey that means everything tastes like turkey but it also tastes like chicken at the same time....which incedently tastes like turkey which tastes like chicken. Which do you think is better Turkey that tastes like chicken....or chicken that tastes like turkey.
all this because of my Chicken joke lol


I haven't had either for a while, but Turkey is definitely above chicken. They call chicken 'foul' for a reason, nasty little fowl. Chicken is essentially just as good as how you prepare it. If it's just a plain chicken breast, it sucks. You can easily eat Turkey by itself, especially the dark meat.


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Basicly he is saying that chicken can taste difrently depending how you cook it... Turkey you can eat by just baking it... Dark meat tastes best and thats why he likes turkey... Me Turkey... FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
i have drive past a chickin farm and it smells like a fishermans boot, so for this reason i dont eat it blah