Winning the Lotto 911


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The mailman wins the Lotto and a woman calls 911.

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Lol OMG!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!... great stuff...
!amazed lol, that is the greatest commercial i have ever seen, that also need to go on America's Funniest Videos. !amazed lol oh it hurts to laugh lol !amazed

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LOL I am still laughing. Thanks Buddy :)


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Thats funny.

Reminds me of a true story of a woman who won the lotto and kept it hidden from her husband. She immediately filed for divorce and never told him, claiming the winnings after the divorce was finalized.

Of course the ex-husband found out went back to divorce court and the judge awarded the entire lotto winnings to the ex-husband.

The greedy and hateful ex-wife ended up with nothing.
lol women are very sly like a fox or a badger!!!!!! or even james bond

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