[poll] unban guestion

I would give them a warning to change it if he sprays it again ban for 24 hours. He comes back a second time he gets a week. He gives me attitude I will perm ban.
Warn and tell him/her to remove right away. Advise if it happens again, kick right away, and possible ban by Admin.
Warn, Then probably slay if its gay porn... Just simply spray my spray over it to cover it then hope he dosent do it again...
my policy for porn spray is instant kick. when and if they come back i give them a warning that if i see that stuff again ill ban them. Now if its gay stuff or stuff that is illeagle (kid stuff..yes it has been seen) then i get names and ips and turn them in to the police....yes i can find them.
Hey what's wrong with gay porn oneshotonekill? Lmao. <3 jk. I would warn them and if they did it again, kick. If they come back, then ok but if they come back spraying it again, ban.

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