Hey guys

hey everyone. Just wanted to say that I won't be able to play for a bit because I'm not able to log in. I think my account was hacked of sumthin, and the support line for steam sux. Well hopefully, I will be able to get my account back soon, so we can do some pwnage. For now, i just got a x360, so if any1 has a gamertag, maybe list em so we can be in touch.


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zoinks! You weren't caught by VAC?


EGO Is My Life!
well enjoy the holidays!
oh nvm... i got my account back after a whole day of suffering... oh and i wasn't hacking so i had no problems with vac JohnT. Well cya guys on the battlefield. :)


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zoinks! You weren't caught by VAC?
I like the scooby doo word there John. :p ZOINKS! Well lets hope you can come back fast...


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Lol well glad to hear you got your steam acoount back but my gamertag is xxradioactivex is ya wanna add me and pwn it up on the ecks bawks tree sity sometime :D

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If I remeber correctly, it is spelled "zoidks" instead of whatever JohnT said. I could be wrong though