Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a ....

What do you guys want for Christmas?

Oh yeah i want a nintendo wii with super smash brothers and Madden 07?
i also want a nintendo wii with zelda...the new super smash bros isnt out yet good luck getting that for christmas
i just want peace on earth. LOL yeah right, like thats going to happen. I know. Bunnies needs more panties, any girl players want to send me some :) lol jk. what i want is a is a new DVD player for my truck, mine broke. :(
my mom bought me a G15 Logitech Keyboard, and a Razer Copperhead mouse..and a ton of cloths from AE and Aropostale yeah, sweet
lol kewl things guys !!! lol i havea a razor mouse !! and a g15 logitc keybord ind i jsut bought a new 20 in. monitor and a new video card and some more ram!
Thompson, first of all, if its gonna be expensive as heck if you find one, and if its automatic you gotta pay like $300 Dollars a month to government for owning a automatic weapon.
I want a M1 Garand, K98, Mosin-Nagnant plz.On K98, Russian Captured version would be fine too.
The hell? Also - you can't own an automatic weapon in California PERIOD. 500$ won't get you a "permit" !lol

I'm looking forward to a nice 20.1" LCD / 500gb hard drive to compliment my computer. Damn raptors are fast but they have NO space!

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