putting a gift togther....need some help.

hey guys and gals. im making an image for a friend who is really into zelda and absolutely loves link. i made this so far but i just threw some stuff together in like 5 min just to get started so i wont forget about it. its gonna be her x-mas gift since we both decided not to buy anything for each other(its too hard to shop for us) so i wanted to at least make her something. anyone's input on how i could make it better would be helpful. heres the link http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k175/Shadowdod/Laurens-Xmas.jpg thanks to everyones opinion
i think its cool enough!!!!


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You know what would make it look a little better shadow... Made to put that yellow symbol behind the tite... Its just my opinion though... if it goes with a background i wuold just goi into paint and cut it out the lay the yellow symbol on, next the title in the almost exact place were it would be then your set!
one shot y cant i be happy without critisising :p jk jk


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Hey i would definately appreciate the work that went into creating a custom art work. Its probably cuz im a computer nerd in that region but anyway, show us what you have so farr!!!!
it's kind of lame to be really "into" Zelda, and it's even worse to make an image as a gift :p how thoughtful

eitherhow, i'd recommend a color theme - pick something that fits and go with it. for example, http://static.griefwatch.net/images/logos/dna.jpg
but that's just me...
bro you dont know this girl. we were at the mall the other day and saw the new zelda game and there was a cardboard cut out of link- she went crazy on me. she was saying that if he was real, she would have him. there was no ifs,ands, or buts. she is crazy about it. and the fact that your saying its even worse to make an image a gift, if you recall from my 1st post i said we weren't buying anything for each other so the most artstic and creative thing that i know she'd love no matter how bad it may look would be a zelda collage done on photoshop. trust me, if you knew her, you understand it alittle better.