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Hey if you look at this fake door on the allied apartments dont you think it should open to another room? I think it should lead into the apartments. It would be more fair for the allies and give them a third passage out into the middle.

What do you guys think?

i think its a pretty cool idea... but they they would have to intergrate it into the map, and the let everyone re-download it... or sumthin like that lol... but yea, pretty awesome idea.
It's really up to the council to decide before changing the map, but this modification is not a good idea. The fake door is fine as it is, but if it were a real doorway, then axis could hang out there and lob nades directly into the ally alley.

A third passage for the Allies in that area is another direct line of fire by axis to their spawn area. You have to think of both sides using it to their advantage, not just Allies.

If you want to improve anything, change a little in the middle, that's where the action is.
I think the issue is that the door is part of the map and the thing Kendle can change are objects in the map. ie: Piano, an object is gone. Rubble piles, part of the map...nothing he can do.
Interesting thought but you would have to rebuild that part of the map and the apartments are very complex. It would not be an easy thing to do.
I have a custom hud and a new thompson with a strap DyeMatrix. Anyway if i could find out how to open Avalanche in hammer editor it would be sweet. I could easily put a room in there. pretty simple but it would be kinda weird shaped to fit the area.

I was using free look and zoomed through the wall and saw it can lead into the second level of the doubble window apartments. all i would have to do is take out the fireplace in that room...

johnT was saying how Kendle removes stuff off the map. What hes talking about are entities. They are pre fabricated objects made by the valve corporation and are inserted into the map.

How does he remove those out either way?

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