Sixty Admins Wow!


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Funny, I note the eG and eGO list once in a while, but it didn't hit home until I read JohnT's message - 60 admins.

Based on other servers experience, eGO seems to be doing well with its current slate of admins. No power trippers or dorks....and it is policed to stay that way. That in itself is an accomplishment.

...btw, anyone catch that lawyer's joke....

A murderer, musician and lawyer were at the gate's of Heaven. St. Peter was on one side, Satan was on the other.

The murderer came up to the podium.

"What were you and what did you do on Earth", said St. Peter and Satan.

"I was an accountant and commited murder", said the murderer.

"You are mine", said Satan, and closed his fist, a ball of fire consuming the murderer.

The musician came to the podium and was asked the same question.

"I was just a musician, I worked hard and helped my family", said the musician.

"You may enter", said St. Peter, and the glittering gates of Heaven opened.

The lawyer went to the podium and was asked the same question.

"I was a defence attorney and worked for my clients", said the lawyer.

St. Peter and Satan looked at each other, both stood up and St. Peter dug a coin out of his robe and flipped it.

"Call it", said Satan

...thought you'd all get a chuckle out of that one......what, John T's a lawyer? No way, really? Well how the heck was I supposed to know???!! !amazed !amazed
Haha!!! Thats great... Well John has the advantige of saying that he also made a great clan with many members that respect him.
we have 60 ADMINS!!! i only see the same like 10 everytime i get on though : ( maybe a new one i see once or twice a week. how many all powerfull eGO?
Lol Redshift... I'm a musician!

Ya, me too. I wouldn't diss us, Art!! When the time comes, I hope to either be in that rhythm section up there.

Then there are the billions of joikes about drummers, bass players and geometrics of drool.... !lol
Im with you two... there is nothin better ---->

That was like 2 years ago... :p I have more stuff now.
I used to be a lead player but our bassist missed a gig, so me and the other guitarist flipped a coin. The loser would have to play bass, the other guy lost the toss.

The next gig, the bass player didn't show up again (wife problems, we fired him), so again we flipped and this time I lost. I grumbled about having to play bass, but once I got into it, I really liked it and have played it ever since. I still play lead, once in a while (mostly Santana stuff, which I love), but I do like those low tones of a bass.

I play mostly rock with a little blues. Stuff like, Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Styx, Boston, Alice Cooper, Badfinger, Artificial Joy Club, Ozzie/Sabbath, Rush, Boston, The Callilng, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Santana, Van Halen.... maybe one or two Air Supply :) as well as a couple of Vanessa Carleton, Corrs, Soundgarden, general rock from the 80's 90's and up, etc.

I do not play country (new or old), rap or anything by the Hip !ill

Currently I'm with a newly formed band, we just got a practice space as of today and have gigs lined up starting in March. We are all seasoned mature players and are tired of playing bars - did that years ago, not worth the hassle -, so we are aiming for corporate, events, weddings (a lot of dinero there this summer), etc. We all have day jobs, so this is just pure fun (and the money is decent too, considering few people get paid well for a "hobby").

In terms of equipment, I use a Strat and Precision; and play out of a Twin Twelve and MarkBass. I also have my original Sears Silvertone Twin Twelve head that plays the most awsomely clear notes. I shed equipment over the years, but that one I kept. A tube amp originally made by Danelectro, it is absolutely fantastic. The only thing I've had done to it was add a speaker jack and set it up to use a three prong plug (no more shocks!)

As with all musicians, everyone has their preferences. Drummer is a Sabian/Ludwig guy, lead plays a Les Paul, rhythm plays a Telecaster, keys uses a Korg....and the sax player uses a shiny gold coloured thing. Amps are Fender, Marshall and Markbass...pretty standard.

Anyway, didn't mean to divert the thread, we just got into music for a bit....