New to EGO

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Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself. I'm the Chief of Mossad if you ever see me online. I like to snipe and I'm a college student. I hope to be in EGO cause you guys seem really cool. Btw, you guys could use an introduction thread stickied. Peace everyone.
Good suggestion CoM. Thanks for signing up here and playing on the server. We look forward to getting to know you.
Hi Chief. I have played with you several times as well. Your really good! look foward to gaming with you. :D
Thanks for the warm welcomes. Glad that my recommendation was recieved well and implemented super fast.

I have another question. Where is everyone on TS2? I searched in these forums and found the address and got in but no one seems to be in the pub channels. Did I miss a password to get into the private ones and that's where everyone is.

Oh, and to everyone who's played with me recently and knows about my mic problems I'd like to know if it works better on TS2 and it's just DoDS's fault that it's being weird or if I really need to talk to my headset's manufacturer. Thanks!
I've never used TS much, but I should. Look for me to get more involved there.
I am going to get my mic out as soon as I get my sound working again. (Its been down for a month or two) I just need to wipe my hard drive and reinstall everything and it should fix the problem... So yeah...
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