[poll] Marry Christmas or Happy Holidays

Happy holidays... dont want a riot of jewish people now do you? or a lawsuit? Well mabe John can help that but thats a lot of time...
i think Happy Holidays, but it is also up to the person who is saying it. I run into this all the time at work. Just today i have had ppl say to me Marry Christmas. Others say Happy Hannukah. It really doesn't bother me. I respect other ppls religon. I just hate these uptight non belivers that have to make every store say happy holidays. Dont get me work. I'm not a beliver, but i do have respect. And if you think about it, over 60% of the USA celebrate Christmas. And i do celebrate Christmas. But thats just me. :)
and it would be mErrry Christmas not marry lol, but yeah, used to be a hardcore christian...now i like cuss at my mom for waking me up on a sunday morning to go to church haha
Im joining Stephen Colbert and waging a war on happy holidays. I think everyone should have a mErry christmas...

hey you spelled mErry wrong bunny boy!

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