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I know we have many members in the amazing organization. So i just wanted to make this little holiday guide so maybe we could not offend anyone. Cause I know here at Edge Gamers we do not care if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or if you do it just for the presents :). But lets try to be polite and remember everyone is different.
  • instead of saying 'Merry Christmas' say 'Happy Holidays' or say 'Merry (X)' cause if you remember algebra, we do not know the value of (X) :eek:*instead of saying Santa, say 'Jolly man in red'*Do not fight about what holiday is the best. I will get into that later.*And remember, this is a time for peace and love, unless you are a college student in a dorm. Then this is a time for getting a lot of people together and getting a lot of beer and seeing what happens next

As mentioned earlier, don't fight about what holiday is the best cause i will explain here.Hanukkah, has many traditions, from lighting candles to 8 crazy nights of presents. Then theres Christmas, you have family, presents, love, peace, and of course. Santa Clause. So each side has its positives. :) Just be happy!

yeah, i'll be going to college in about.... oooo.......5yrs? then there for at least 8. Yay for college. 12-14 years left of school. awesome.
i tell people in turbins to have a merry christmas.

Yay do the opposite of what sushi says!
I usually tell everyone Merry Christmas.

I mean, all of North America, the UK, Australia/New Zealand, and most of Europe shuts down for the 25th of December for Christmas, so if ppl can't handle Merry Christmas, that's just too bad!

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